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Discover how a change of perspective can save the world.

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It's a big world

We learn how to navigate. 


Figuring out how to best live our lives, survive, fit in, and thrive. 




But the idea ...

... of the "right” way of living has changed a few times in human history. At least 7 times before.

All those worldviews have emerged as a response to its predessesor. 

Making the world a better place. 

Well, sort of.


The fight about who is right...

... has left us, more than often, with confusion and conflicts.


Justifying our actions. 

Fighting for resources.


More than 90%...

... of us has one of these 7 worldviews.

The most common are: Power driven. Order driven. Success driven.

They are in a constant battle of who is right.

Setting the rules for our current reality.

Protecting their own interests.

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What makes us shift worldviews?

When life conditions change.

And right now, our life conditions are changing again. Radically. 

For all of humanity, at the same time.

And we caused it ourselves.

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A new worldview is emerging

It is completely unprecedented.

The 8th; The Turquoise Worldview.

It’s remaking human nature and human culture as we know it.

The worldviews up until now have competed with each other. This one doesn't.

It includes what’s working in the previous worldviews. Understands the whole.

And adds an overarching and universal consciousness.


A person with a turquoise worldview:

Is intuitive. Instinctive. Has fluidity of the mind. 

Experiences everything before doing anything.

All life ethical. Consciously seeking the next form of order. Bridging diverse worlds. 


Seeks interaction with others to address root causes for global challenges.

Adapts to the realities of existence as required for planet and species viability. 

Feels as part of the whole. Something really big. Motivational system: Being. 

In essence; living in harmony with the planet and going from Human Doings to Human Beings.


Did you 
recognise yourself?

We all have the potential. 

But some 20% of us are born with a personality trait which is: 

Intuitive. Instinctive. Fluidity of the mind. Experiences everything. Feels as part of the whole. Adapts easily to different realities. Seeks to be all life ethical. Able to bridge diverse worlds. Any type of world. 

We call them people with High Sensory Intelligence.

Most are comfortable in their rich inner worlds. But aren't necessarily as comfortable in the outer world. Yet.

They often feel like chameleons, trying to fit in. Not realizing how valuable they are. And how to live a meaningful life with a cause. 


I'm here to lead

And so are you.


My name is Margareta Daunius. I'm a person with High Sensory Intelligence. ​With 26+ years of robust experience of leading transformational change in large organisations. 

It is certainly easy to get overwhelmed by all the impressions we take in every second, processing data deeply and not be able to not care about the world and people in it. 


But I want to focus on why we are here in the first place. In my opinion, High Sensory people have a clear purpose in Team Humanity. 


So no more trying to fit in or adapting to status quo. 

Because, clearly, the next worldview is High Sensory. 

And we are here to lead this transformation.


Humanity needs you now

And all other lives on this planet needs you too. 

No more words needed.


You were born to lead humanity

You were born to lead humanity to the next worldview. 

By being truly you. The truest, biggest, most conscious and amazing you. 

Welcome to the World's first boot camp for High Sensory Leaders. 

Join our Community at Mighty Networks: 

"Creators of a High Sensory World".


Discover your unlimited inner world and expand to feel as capable as you actually are... that you can lead the world with confidence and universal consciousness. 


In your
unique way

It's ok to be larger than life. 

Meet others that instantly get you. 

Learn about what is coming. 

Unlearn what doesn't serve you anymore.

Co-create with people equally capable and passionate as yourself. 

Claim your birthright.


We are 
Creators of a High Sensory World

We are Consciousness.

We are Energy.

We are Creators.

Creators of a High Sensory World.


And create a viable world for all.


Would you also like to say "I'm a Creator of a High Sensory World"? 

Say Hello.


Online meeting

Curious to meet for a dialogue? Open the calendar to find a time that best suits you. This is a no obligation meeting without cost. We can speak about the High Sensory World community, High Sensory Coaching, High Sensory Consulting or whatever matters to you most. 

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