Coach, Consultant, and Leader with 25 years of experience in business and human transformation.


Unique insights from being a change leader in large organizations as well as a management consultant with one of the major brands in the world.

Now; here to partner with you to support your quests going forward.


Because we seriously need to step up. 

For people. For planet.


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In 2018, I had had enough. Enough of climbing the career ladder. Enough of leading change where there were 'us and them' focus rather than that of actual change. Enough of trying to make ends meet when it came to personal energy. Enough of business as usual.


I have had a great career so far. A great life too. I was, and am, so grateful. I had always been driving forward and succeeding in my endeavors. For 25 years, I have lead people and organizations through change; evolutionary change, and transformative change. 

But then, in October 2018, I felt both exhausted and free at the same time. Like I had been let out of my golden cage.

I knew something, if not all things, had to change, but I didn't know exactly what and how. I just knew it was time to let go of old paradigms and let something new, radically new, find its place. 


I knew, and I am sure you do too, we are playing a game we cannot win. The 'Business As Usual' or "Living As Usual" game. It simply isn't working. And we know, deep inside, that this is not a game at all. Far from it. The climate crisis and human suffering are harsh insights.

So I went looking. Searching for why it hasn't worked, or at least only taken us this far. Searching to understand. Searching to see and experience other ways. Ways that would ensure a future that works, a future that is well and thriving. Both on an individual level, organisational level, and in fact a world level. 

My quest lead to the discovery of truly working, radically new and holistic ways of being. I learned how our human species develops over time, how enterprises can truly thrive, and how our society as a whole can be regenerative.  

And I met so many great people and enterprises that felt the same way and had come to see different solutions come alive. Fascinating indeed. 


So now, I want to do everything in my power, using the experience I have and the talents I have been given, to learn even more, and to co-create with you in your journey. Let's expect magic to happen. Because it can.

Your Co-Pilot,



 Radically change our thinking and being into an integral and holistic stance. From there we can aspire to solve the world's most complex problems.


Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Experience at a glance


  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Commercial Transportation

  • Postal Services

  • Management Consulting

  • Communications & High Tech

  • Publishing


  • Operational Excellence Manager

  • Lean & Agile Manager

  • Continuous Improvement Manager

  • Management Consultant

  • Solution Architect 

  • Business Designer

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Member of Management Teams


  • Global Technology Development

  • Product Development - Materials & Processes Function

  • Global Purchasing

  • Industry X.0 - Engineering in the New

  • Human Performance Service Line

  • Human Resources

  • Business Transformation

What do we do? 

 1. We meet.

2. We dialogue about where you are and where you feel you need to be individually or for the enterprise you lead. 

3. We co-create to get you there.


Coaching & Consulting


Coach, Consultant & CEO of Stract



2020 ->



Based in Sweden

Work Online & Customer Location



  • Master of Science in Business Administration & EconomicsInternational Business Program; 1991-1995. School of Business, Economics & Law at the University of Gothenburg. International studies in Spanish at the University of Valencia, Spain. Final thesis about Service Management featuring case studies of Tetra Pak, SKF, and Kone Elevators.

Certificates & Diplomas

Training​ (a selection)

  • Business Modeling & Strategy - Templeton College at Oxford University

  • Programme Management PMI certification

  • Psychosynthesis Fundamentals - Psychosynthesis Institute in Sweden.

  • Effective Presentations - Renée Manne & Partners

  • HR Solution Architecture of Service Delivery Model - Accenture

  • 3456 Masterclass - Sturrm


It's impossible, they say. 

I say: Great, when do we start?

See You!

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