Human resourcefulness is amazing and it is always there. So is the positive intent behind our ways of doing and living. And change... well, it is inevitable.

One conversation at a time, both art and science come into play during coaching. Together, in partnership, we create a unique place that is yours. Only yours. There you are safe, empowered, and free to explore solution-focused ways to make your dreams come true.

Coaching starts with a conversation

about what matters most to you.

What's your passion?

Whom do you want to become?

Why is this important to You?


It is a calling. 

To help people.

To be the best they can be.


To discover true power.

To create and live true purpose.

  • Focuses on discovering multi-faceted solutions rather than fixing problems.

  • It is outcome-based and shows very specific results.

  • The Coach:

    • asks powerful questions​

    • believes you always have a positive intent

    • empowers you to think deeply about all aspects

    • generate creativity 

    • supports your own resourcefulness

    • creates your very own space focused on wholeness and purpose

  • Yes, of course we can meet in person. I am based in the south west of Sweden and just one hour away from Gothenburg. 

  • Most of my coaching is online. Why? 

    • Clients prefer it because it is convenient and efficient.​

  • How does online coaching work?

    • We meet online, very often with just voice. This is because the space is yours and only yours. I want to you be able to have it completely and you will experience how powerful it is.​