What is the question?

For a very long time, maybe forever, I have had a question that I didn't know how to put words to. But strangely enough, I have found answers. At least partial answers.

For example, after having lead projects and transformations for years, knowing what needs to be known about project and program management, I found the elegant simplicity of agile. I liked it because it was built upon a basic belief and purpose about respecting people and our natural instinct to innovate and improve. It wasn't so much about doing. It was about being.

After that, I saw that there is more needed to help things move forward or even work. Especially when it comes to complicated and complex environments. And which environment isn't complex? So I returned to my roots in systems design, rediscovering the need for holistic ways of seeing our ways of working and living. Back then I called it Operational Excellence, Systems Thinking, and, I am sure, many other names.

You see, I have always been interested in patterns. Curious about what is behind the scenes. Sometimes quite literally. I love to watch movies and at the same time playing with the idea of how they made it. How they had the original idea, finding the right actors, making it come alive technically, marketing it... the entire "behind the scenes" perspective.

So what is the question? Can you guess?

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