Open Letter: Get Momentum Going - Are you in?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As Humans, we would like to think that we are on top of the food chain. That we are the smartest species on Earth. So what have we to prove ourselves of that? What is the purpose of our species?

Thinking about what we have done to our planet and other lives here, during our lifetime here in our nature...How well do we think that we have done so far?!

It is time to take a serious and much deeper look at what kind of underlying view of ourselves and the world, that has been our assumed truths from which we have acted from so far in our history.

I have always been interested in patterns. Actually I have been curious about the patterns behind the patterns. What is shown on the stage is obvious. Perhaps. But what is happening behind the scenes? How did it evolve? What will happen after? Who was involved? How did the arrive to produce this act? What are the effects of what has happened? What could have happened or evolved? What are the questions they asked themselves? Why?

In particular, I have been interested in the patterns around how we humans live our lives. As individuals, as part of a group, as part of a community or society. During a lifetime. During the life of humans. How have different worldviews served their purposes? How have they been helpful? How does a typical chain of evolutionary worldviews look like? How do they interact, if they do? What makes a shift from one worldview to another?

More importantly, I feel that we need to take a different stance out of how things work and which stance we need to move into to save our planet. I listened to Greta Thunberg the other day in her great summer talk in Swedish radio (transcript in English here: I was moved when she spoke about the need for a completely new way of thinking, a holistic thinking, needed to solve our climate crisis.

I mean, how well have we been doing so far in our Team Humanity? I am ashamed. For us, for myself. What kind of life have we and I been living so far? For what purpose? Just take a look at my daily life: my car, what we shop in the grocery store, what and how we throw away or waste etc. What have I been thinking? What have I been doing? And why? It all seems so … stupid now. I have been going around worrying about the environment, buying eco friendly foods in the grocery store, at best. But of course, it is not enough. It is embarrassing.

For what it is worth, the global situation with the pandemic has made me surface thoughts and feelings that have been bubbling inside for a much longer period of time that right now. Thoughts like; it’s not so much about buying this or that, it is about buying, full stop. What kind of way is it to live buying stuff I really don’t need. At all. What whom am I doing it? For what? This is just one example.

When I studied national economics, I remember how we learned about the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) equation. The GDP is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period. As a broad measure of overall domestic production, it functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s economic health. It seems to be that we have soooo many common truths and “laws” that we believe is there to stay and never be changed. I feel that the GDP race is a race towards destruction. Now, I am no GDP expert of National Economist per se, but right now, I feel that there is something wrong with calculating a country’s success based on how much we produce and make an assumption that is has something to do with (economic) health.

We need to seriously change our way of thinking and being and be prepared to let go of what we believe to be true and sacred. And by “seriously change” I mean letting go of all our historic beliefs and start from a clean slate. Assume a radically different but hopefully elegantly simple way of thinking and being.

Nothing else will help. Nothing else will result in different solutions. I know and understand that our system of being right now has produced many bad and good things. It is a mix.

I also know and understand that it is nothing simple about seeing ourselves and the world in a completely different way. It is mindblowing. Almost body blowing, if there is such a word. It is an out of body experience when you realize what we have done and what we need to do.

And it is, I thought, a strange feeling of peace, joy, and seriousness when we realise: This is the Moment. The moment to mobilize. We need hope. We need words. We need community. But most of all we need action. Actions bring hope. Seeing is believing.

What I would like to do is to create that momentum. That momentum, a chain of events, that is moving us in a direction of regenerative way of living, as one responsible, compassionate, and generous species on Earth, in alignment with other species and lives, in the nature we have been given.

The things I have now realized and now is seeing is a new way of thinking and being. The research has been there for quite some time. Actually a very long time. When I first heard about Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, and I realized what it was saying, I was beyond words. A few minutes later, I surprisingly got angry. “Why have I not heard about his before? Why hasn’t anyone told me? What don’t they teach this in schools? And… how many of our world leaders know and really understand any of this? I must do something.”

The next feeling was; I need to know more. Study this. Is it true? Is it really working? Who is behind all this? Is it someone I can trust? Does it really make sense? I started seeing that yes, in fact, the knowledge and awareness is out there. And have been for quite some time. I just hadn’t seen it. Been aware enough. Seen that pattern. Oh bummer, I have always said that I have been interested in patterns. The patterns behind the patterns, remember? When I am kind to myself, I did see them, the patterns. But I wasn’t aware enough or didn’t know what to do with them, or didn’t understand the importance of them, or… oh well, never mind. Here we are now. With a pair of glasses, and maybe hearing aids to see and listen to what is really going on. And understanding things need to be radically different if we are to stop destroying what we have taken for granted since forever, our planet and all lives here.

What I am saying is: If we are to have a chance as a species and take responsibility for the planet we live for, we need to step up the human emergence spiral, to an integral second tier thinking and being.

My purpose is to use the talents I have to do whatever I can to make this momentum going. The momentum for human emergence up the spiral to assume radically new thinking and being so that we as human beings can save our planet and become a living, humble, responsible part of nature.

I have a few tangible ideas on what to do. Connect with me if you want to discuss.

Thank you to Christopher Cooke who is leading the research and practice of the Spiral Dynamics Integral

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